Friday, March 4, 2016

World of Circles (03/04/16)

Imagine a world made of all circles.
Would it be good? Bad? That’s for you to decide.
You’d never get up on the wrong side of the bed, since your bed
would be a circle and therefore would have no sides. But what would
you be? A cylinder? A sphere? Or just a two dimensional collection of points
that are all the same distance away from the center? At least geometry class would
be easy- all you’d talk about would be the only shape around you. Girls with long hair
wouldn’t have to worry about keeping it neat- it would be circular. And it could never get
caught in a zipper, since instead of the pesky spikes that want to tear out each strand
of hair on your head, there would have no rough edges that pull. Then again, would zippers actually work? The smoothness would prevent anything from staying together. 
Teeth couldn't be pointy and the only way to cut anything would be to grind it. Our food choices would be extremely limited purely because of our inability to chew. Chairs, counters, and tables would no longer scrape you if you were to walk too close to the edge, and they would look like those round, modern café tables for two with maybe barstools. Back support from our chairs would be difficult, but it may not matter because of our new form. Pencils, markers, and other writing utensils may turn from cylinders to flatter circles, though, which would be extremely unfortunate because holding one would be a pain. Everything would look the same, minus color and size. Entire languages would
reform into circles and slight variations of circles. Doors would be difficult for tall
people because they would only be able to pass through the very middle, and
locks would be extremely easy to pick, since only one shape can fit
the keyhole, and it’s all around you.

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