Saturday, March 5, 2016

Hush Little Reader... (03/05/16)

Here is my parody of an old nursery rhyme that you probably know. The original rhyme's author is unknown.

Hush little reader, don't say a word,
Mama's gonna read To Kill a Mockingbird.
And if no mocking birdie sings,
Mama's gonna read Lord of the Rings.
And if those books made you want to scream,
Read for me A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
And if that one seemed slightly queer,
Maybe you should try to read King Lear.
And if you’re looking for something new,
Now read The Taming of the Shrew.
And if you aren’t sick of Shakespeare yet,
Then read Romeo and Juliet.
And if you’re tired of all the fables,
My favorite is Anne of Green Gables.
When you’re finished with that one, then
Move onto Of Mice and Men.
Why are you still itching for more?
Go read 1984.
If your reading isn’t quite done,
Move to Fahrenheit 451.
And if it won’t leave emotional scars,
Try reading The Fault In Our Stars.
If your happiness level just sank,
Better read Diary of Anne Frank.
If your happiness is nearly spent,
Read the series of Divergent.
If, from that, you're full of spite,
Read the holocaust book called Night.
Once you grab a glass of water,
Go to the series Harry Potter.
If no one but himself Harry blames,
Why not read The Hunger Games?
If you’re slightly bored of this,
Go ahead, read Pride and Prejudice.
If you have some tired eyes,
Read for me Lord of the Flies.
If you wanna read just ‘cuz you can,
I don’t care, read Peter Pan.
If your patience is starting to ebb,
Read out loud to me Charlotte's Web.
If your patience did increase,
Take your time on War and Peace.
If your sanity’s gonna quiver,
Stay with me and read The Giver.
If you’re having too much fun,
Please read And Then There Were None.
If Agatha Christie isn’t your foe
Read her books with Hercule Poirot.
If your lexile level is better,
Read for me The Scarlett Letter.
If your attention span is brief,
Read Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief.
If you live in a land of theories,
Try the Chronicles of Narnia series.
If adult books may seem too slow,
Smile and read (please!) Go Dog. Go!
If you've read all the books I've shown,
Get out there and write your own!

Note: I tried to keep all book titles as ones I've read and/or classic books that many people have read so that I am sure of what I'm displaying. Younger readers: Check with your parents before reading some of these because they are high school level or above in maturity and/or display difficult ideas and vocabulary to process at a younger reading level.


  1. I have read almost all of these books and plays. They are all excellent, but they do present some warnings. 1984 can be especially graphic and has been on banned books lists. It is a very significant novel aside from the graphic elements. Miss Munroe, I would be interested to read your thoughts on banned books.

    T. Mann

    1. Thanks, I wasn't quite sure what all of these contained, but I know many are required for high school reading so many people have heard the names of these books. I will try to write something about banned books soon.

  2. YOU, my dear, ARE Poetry Friday tomorrow! I will lunch with my librarians and give them first glance at this masterpiece, then will offer it up to all three classes in the afternoon! Can't wait! I will print off in the form of a bookmark for all!
    Thanks for the substance!