Monday, March 7, 2016

Disliked Words (03/07/16)

The following is classified information. If you use anything I am about to say against me...

Everyone has words that they just plain dislike, for one reason or another. For example, many people dislike the words "moist" and/or "juicy" because of the sound of the letters together and possible interpretations. As long as no one wants to describe a cake as "not dry" or eat a certain fruity brand of gum, these words can easily be taken out of everyday conversation. Other people have banned other words from their presence because they aren't nice words to tell one another. For this reason, I have tried to leave out strong emotional words like "hate" in this post out of respect for those who dislike these words.

"But Andi, when are you going to tell us what words bug you?" a faithful audience member  cries.

I have an actual list on my phone and on paper. I won't write down every single word, because I know someone out there will post a comment using every single one of the words I use in as short a sentence as possible.

There are some that are impossible to spell, such as receive, surprise, and perform, because, let's face it, letter order is difficult. Then there are words that sound gross but really aren't as bad. This includes most body parts in at least one context, since there's probably a teenager or adult out there who can make even your right foot sound inappropriate. The word tongue spans both of these categories.

Then there are words I hate because of their meanings. The word cute, which I will explain in another post, fits into this category. Laundry fits here as well, since it never ends and is so monotonous. (I'm wearing clean clothes by the way. You don't need to ask.) I also hate awards, since the people who need to be recognized are usually either tired of being recognized or just below the point of qualifying for the actual awards, (This goes for routine awards, like sports, clubs, or academics.) Everyone else is left with a feeling of boredom because it's another ceremony like all the rest or sad because they didn't make it as far.

The last category is cultural words. This includes the words we deem are "bad" and teach our high schoolers to say when they get mad. Basically, I like to keep everything PG for the reason I put in the sidebar. This category also includes ship names made with my own name. (For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, you take two names of people you think should be a couple, such as Percy and Annabeth from the Percy Jackson series, and smash them together, making a word like Percabeth.) Ship names are great when you're playing around and you decide two people would make a great couple... until you're one of the people in the ship name. It's like an arranged marriage, except by your friends and not actually binding or an indication of the actual future. Oh, the horror!

Reader challenge: Write a word that you strongly dislike in the comments and why you feel that way about it.

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