Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Stranded (03/02/16)

Biology Lesson: If you are stranded on a boat in the middle of an ocean, don't drink the salt water. The differences in salt and water concentrations between the water you drink and the rest of your body would cause the water to leave your cells and enter the fluids around your cells. Strangely as it sounds, you would actually dehydrate yourself by drinking water.

Here's what I do when I'm stranded:

Stranded at school? Have something out- Read a book, play on your phone, or talk to someone. (preferably the last one if you are standing right next to a friend)

Stranded during work? Look busy. Wiping down counters looks better than chatting to other servers or cooks. (I worked during the Ohio State Fair one summer and that's the advice someone gave me)

Stranded mid-story (writing)? Change perspectives. Write something that you know will never make it into your story- a letter, a backstory... anything. Spend an hour or so sometime just relaxing and thinking about your characters. Keep these ideas in the back of your mind, and wait a day before writing them down. This gives you time to decide if you really like the idea and to perfect it if you do.

Stranded starting a story? Write a scene, a paragraph, or a situation as it pops into your head. Try writing the same scene with different characters. Eventually you can find one that you want to expand and you will add plot and further ideas later.

Stranded in relationships? Meet someone new. Try to look for someone you wouldn't usually hang out with- someone a different age, culture, or faith as you, and find something in common. Talk with your friends to see if anything is wrong.

Stranded in the faith? Experience church differently. Sit next to someone new and notice how they worship. Try changing how you sing- try harmonizing with the person up front or don't sing at all as you listen to the lyrics. Most importantly, read the Bible on your own time. I recommend understanding the Gospels and the book of Acts, and then moving on to the Paul's letters.


  1. Love love love these pieces of advice! Are you serving up your slices at Two Writing Teachers? You should!

    1. No, I wasn't sure whether to post under the students or the teachers.